President’s Message

When natives of tribal community in the country suffer the constant wrath of hunger, disease, illiteracy and abuse beyond what their tender years can bear, we need to question ourselves why such a situation exists and why it cannot be changed.

President Raja
Raja S N

“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.”  Mother Teresa

Her thought provoked a sense of hope and gave us the direction to beckon change for a better tomorrow. Following her ideals, we made a solemn pledge that human beings in tribal community must be relieved of the heavy burden of despair which they carry in their hearts, born of poverty which spirals around them and drowns in the whirlpool of hopelessness. It was not as simple as a thought translating into reality over night.

I take this opportunity to humbly acknowledge the valuable support of my associates, donors, government and non government organizations, each and every person who is in some way connected with the Association, for all they have done hitherto and hope to receive the same in future as well.

Executive Body

Raja S.N – President
Haranath P – Vice President
Ramesh G.L – Secretary
Rama Devi A – Treasurer
Dr.Neil Kishore K – Member
Lakshmi Ch.V.S – Member
Phani Raj P – Member
Sridevi K – Member
Subba Rao K.V – Member
Appa Rao G.C – Member
Srinivas Kumar S – Member